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With the help of our sepcial vehicles, we offer services such as disposal of all types of separators for gastronomy, commerce and industry and ensure professional, smooth operation.

ink ist der professionelle Partner für Gastronomie, Gewerbe und Industrie

With our years of experience in working with municipal sponsors, Fink is at your service with professional equipment and the experienced staff:

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Fink Rohr- und Kanalreinigung

Pipe and sewer cleaning

In the event of blocked sewage pipes and drains, we are on hand with a 24-hour emergency telephone. To prevent this from happening in the first place, we clean sewers and pipes with our high-pressure flushing trucks.

Dichtheitsprüfung durch die Fa. Fink Taufkirchen

Sewer leakage test

Fulfil all legal obligations as a property owner, prevent costly environmental damage to the soil and groundwater and also detect any damage in the pipes at an early stage to keep repair costs as low as possible.

Sewer inspection with camera

Get certainty about the condition of your sewage network. Most damage can only be detected early enough to be repaired cost-effectively by a camera inspection. This is how you fulfil your obligations as a property owner.

Generalinspektion mit Spezial Fahrzeug Kastenwagen und Hebebühne der Fa. Fink

Sewer general inspection

We will be happy to carry out the general inspection, which must be carried out by a specialist at least every five years for every separator system. For this purpose, the separator is completely emptied, cleaned and then checked for proper condition and leak tightness.

Reinigung von Sandfängen mit den Spezialfahrzeugen der Fa. Fink Taukrichen

Cleaning of sand traps

Grit trap residues can be contaminated to a greater or lesser extent by foreign matter. Glass and metal parts as well as organic foreign matter are often found in gullies from roads and commercial/industrial areas. We pump out and dispose of these sludges with their residues.
Rohrreinigung durch die Fa. Fink

Emptying and cleaning septic tanks

With the rainwater that accumulates, impurities are carried into the septic tanks, which can lead to dangerous blockages in the long term. That is why we regularly inspect, clean and maintain septic tanks.

Saugwagen der Fa. Fink

Hazardous waste transports

We are your reliable specialist disposal company for hazardous waste with a transport permit in accordance with §12 of the Waste Management Act. We transport not only hazardous solids in drums and containers, but also liquid materials in particular in our special vehicles.

Dangerous goods operations

We support fire brigades, THW, district offices and water management offices in hazardous materials operations with special vehicles and experienced specialist personnel and also take care of the recovery, transport and disposal of hazardous materials.

Use in underground garages

With our low-floor vehicles, we can offer most services even in places that are difficult to access – in underground car parks, courtyards, on footpaths and cycle paths as well as green spaces. For less disruption to residents and lower costs.

Reinigung von Hebeanlagen Fa. FInk

Cleaning and maintenance of lifting stations

First we empty and clean the lifting unit, then we check the tightness of the unit and fittings and check the proper functioning of the pump, control unit and gate valve. Minor functional weaknesses are rectified immediately.
Fettabscheider München Fa. Fink

Emptying/cleaning of all types of separators

We offer full service for separator systems of all kinds, so that your systems are always functional and comply with all regulations. For car workshops, petrol stations, car washes, catering establishments, trade and industry.