Things are going well with us – maintenance of rainwater septic tanks.

Regular emptying and cleaning to prevent blockages and flooding.

With our powerful fleet of special suction vehicles, we are the strong partner who reliably ensures the functionality of your rainwater septic tanks.


  • Seepage and infiltration pits of all kinds
    Seepage pits in streets and on public squares, in large car parks, on buildings – from public authorities, businesses and private individuals
  • Maintenance, emptying and cleaning
    Removal of sludge, leaves and carelessly discarded small waste as well as professional disposal of the resulting pollutants
  • Compliance with legal regulations
    In accordance with official requirements, general inspection of the shaft and gravel bed at least twice a year, regular cleaning and disposal, and repair of any damage.
  • All-round carefree service
    Individual maintenance concepts for each individual shaft system to ensure functionality with the lowest possible and economically viable expenditure

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What we can do for your seepage pits:

Prevent blockages and flooding!

Wherever man has built over nature, soakaways serve to absorb rainwater in a controlled manner as part of the natural water cycle. Water from roofs, streets, squares and all sealed surfaces is drained into individual septic tanks or into a network of rainwater channels and soakaway shafts.

Over the course of time, especially after heavy rainfall, soakaways can become heavily silted up by the dirt from surface drainage. Then large amounts of water seep away only slowly or not at all. The result is overflowing and flooding.

Regular emptying and cleaning

With our special suction vehicles and expert staff, we regularly inspect, clean and maintain your septic tanks and soakaways. All impurities that have been carried in with the surface water – such as mud, leaves and carelessly discarded small waste – are removed by us and disposed of in accordance with regulations. In this way, we help to ensure that rainwater and melt water can run off and seep away over the course of the seasons.

Proper inspection and maintenance

In order for a soakaway to function, it needs a filter layer capable of seeping and walls made of porous or perforated and thus water-permeable material. The design structure for every soakaway is regulated by DIN 4261-1, which specifies exactly how much fine gravel and filter sand must be in the soakaway and where. The associated official maintenance regulations can be found in DIN 4261-3. Our experienced professionals carry out the officially prescribed inspections as well as any measures to restore functionality.

Economical all-round carefree service

Not all rainwater soakaways are subject to the same stress. Water absorption and the ingress of dirt can vary greatly. We support our customers in making the maintenance of their soakaway systems as efficient and economical as possible. On request, we record the individual maintenance requirements of the individual manholes and septic tanks, from which the necessary service intervals can then be derived. If you want to check your savings potential, give us a call – we will be happy to advise you.

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