Use in underground car parks, on footpaths and cycle paths as well as green spaces

With our special low-floor vehicles, we can also offer most of our services in places that are difficult to access.

We are the specialist even for demanding tasks, because in the Fink vehicle fleet we have special low-floor vehicles with a low vehicle height and low overall weight:

  • Use almost everywhere
    Driving into underground car parks and driving on areas with limited load-bearing capacity
  • Almost all cleaning services
    Functionally, our low-floor vehicle is in no way inferior to the large pump-suction vehicles
  • Great advantages for our customers
    Significant time savings with many of our services, less burden for local residents, often reduced costs as well

Order acceptance

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Benefit from our high-tech vehicle fleet

We are everywhere you need us

The low dead weight of our low-floor vehicles allows us to drive over areas with limited load-bearing capacity, e.g. paved areas above underground car parks, footpaths and cycle paths as well as lawns paved with lattice slabs – without causing damage to the corridor. The low construction of these vehicles with a maximum overall height of 1.80 to 2.05 metres allows us to drive into underground garages and through low archways into inner courtyards. This allows us to carry out a wide range of cleaning work directly on site.

Everything is faster, less disruptive and less expensive

Typical areas of application for our low-floor vehicle are cleaning work for ground pipes, washing area pits, sand traps, oil and grease separators, lifting systems or culvert pipes. The advantage of driving directly to the site of operation is a high time saving, as long hose lines and the associated time expenditure are minimised. There is no need for wide-ranging barriers along roads, footpaths and cycle paths, with the associated inconvenience for local residents and the corresponding risk of accidents.

We work “minimally invasive” in underground garages

When operating in garages, we keep the nuisance for residents to a minimum. We discharge the exhaust fumes of our vehicle to the outside through exhaust hoses that we bring with us. Your underground garage always remains “in operation” does not have to be cleared and can be accessed by the residents/tenants at any time.

Sewer and pipe cleaning – do you know our other services?