Service for your sand traps: emptying, cleaning and disposal of the contents

Everything from purely mineral slurries to chemically-biologically contaminated contents.

We can sand trap. As a certified waste management company, we offer reliable service for all tasks:

  • Sand trap residues from separator systems
    For petrol stations, garages, car washes, commercial and industrial plants
  • Sewer sand, sewer debris and screenings
    For sewers, shafts and lifting stations of wastewater associations
  • Sand trap residues from sewage treatment plants
    For municipal biological wastewater treatment plants with downstream grit cleaning systems
  • Road grit box contents
    For road construction authorities such as municipalities, districts and the Free State of Bavaria
  • Sand filters, sand washers and swimming pool filters
    For municipal and commercial swimming pools, outdoor pools and spas

Order acceptance

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No matter what your sand trap contains, we can handle it

Sandy and gravelly waste: very easy disposal

The contents of sand traps that are classified as mineral and have only small amounts of foreign substances and organic matter are not problematic. This can be the case, for example, with sand washers and swimming pool filters. The downstream sand cleaning systems of biological sewage treatment plants are also generally not hazardous waste in the sense of the AVV waste code. Here, we take over the conscientious emptying and cleaning of the grit traps as well as their removal and disposal.

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Residues with foreign substances are specially treated

The grit trap residues, for example in road gullies, can be contaminated to a greater or lesser extent by foreign matter.  Glass and metal parts as well as organic foreign matter are often found in road gullies and commercial/industrial areas. We pump out these sludges with their residues. Depending on the type and composition of the foreign matter, we choose the appropriate disposal method in accordance with the regulations. We provide you with proof of this in the form of a takeover certificate.

Residues containing mineral oil are considered hazardous waste

Mineral residues from light fluid separators are considered hazardous waste. This applies to oil separators from car workshops, petrol stations, car washes and other commercial properties where mineral oils are used. As a certified disposal company, we guarantee environmentally sound disposal using the electronic accompanying evidence procedure, taking into account all official requirements. Read more about this on our page separator systems.

Potentially infectious microorganisms are not a problem

Grit trap residues from wastewater treatment plants sometimes contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms that can be dangerous to human and animal health. Direct contact with these grit chamber residues poses a risk, as does the inhalation of bioaerosols. In addition, contamination of groundwater must be prevented. With qualified specialist staff and modern technology, we are your strong partner also for the disposal of waste with biological hazards.

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