Hazardous waste transports are mostly hazardous goods transports acc. ADR.

Fink GmbH has the necessary transport permits in accordance with § 12 of the Waste Act.

„Hazardous waste“ is the technical term. Many say hazardous waste, special waste or toxic waste. We have the transport permits and the fleet of vehicles to transport it all safely:

  • Liquid waste
    Waste water and emulsions, e.g. grease, oil and petrol sludge, food waste / grease, production residues, betonite / drilling sludge, sand trap residues with bioreactive carbon compounds,
  • Chemicals and biowaste
    Acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, oxide sludge, paint and varnish water, transport material with pathogens, etc.
  • Solids
    in special, legally approved drums and containers

Order acceptance

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What we can do for your seepage pits:

Emptying, cleaning and disposal of liquids

The disposal of hazardous liquid materials involves much more than just transport. Using the so-called suction pressure method, we empty both liquid and viscous waste into the tanks of special vehicles. In addition to this emptying, in many cases our expert employees also carry out cleaning at the same time, e.g. at separation and lifting plants. The waste is then transported to suitable municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants or specialised disposal companies.

Transport of solids in drums and containers

Hazardous solids must be transported in special drums or containers approved by law for this purpose, with the necessary logistical pre-planning and care. For the transport of your hazardous waste, we offer suitable containers for purchase or hire. Hazardous waste containers and IBCs can be rented from us. Barrels, e.g. for oily and contaminated waste – such as oil filters, oil binding agents, paint and varnish sludge, glue, hardener, coolant, nitro, washing thinner, lyes, acids, etc. – can be purchased from us at a reasonable price.

With us as your disposal partner, you can enjoy peace of mind

What many people do not know: Even supposedly „harmless“ waste is considered by law to be in need of monitoring because it poses a potential danger to health and/or the environment. According to the European Waste List, almost half of the 839 types of waste mentioned by name are classified as hazardous waste. If you commission us to dispose of hazardous waste – both for private and industrial use – we will draw your attention to any statutory regulations. Hazardous waste is then packaged, declared and labelled by us in accordance with the Hazardous Goods Ordinance (GGVS). We document every hazardous goods transport in the electronic waste record procedure (eANV).

With Fink GmbH as your disposal partner, you are always on the safe side.

Special work in conjunction with professional divers

For special cleaning work on bodies of water, lakes, basins, culverts, intake structures, etc., we work with professional divers. Using special injection techniques (water / compressed air), we can also extract bottom sludge without draining the water. If necessary, the vacuumed residues are emptied via settling basins and transported away for recycling or disposal as specified. Advantages: no draining and filling times, fast deployment for repairs or maintenance work. If required, we can provide detailed documentation.


When the fire brigade, THW or authorities need support in an emergency, we are ready.

We are the reliable partner for all our customers:


Private households,
clubs, schools
Fink ist der Partner für Haus- und Immobilienverwaltungen
Property management,
real estate management
Local governments,
special-purpose associations
Business, industry,
Gefahrguteinsätze der Fa. Fink für Feuerwehren
fire brigade, authorities,
transport of dangerous goods