Fink GmbH – a brief portrait of a traditional company

Find out more about who Fink is and what we can do for you.

Fink disposes and cleans.

Fink GmbH, based in Taufkirchen, south of Munich, is one of the leading waste disposal companies in the Munich metropolitan region.


The owner-managed company was founded in Munich in 1950, has been successful
on the market for over 70 years and today serves a wide range of customers:

  • Real estate owners, house and property management companies
  • Local government, schools, kindergartens
  • Wastewater associations, sewage treatment plant operators
  • Car workshops, petrol stations, car washes, gastronomy, trade, industry
  • Fire brigades, authorities, dangerous goods industry

Waste water/sewer

We offer all services related to sewer and pipe cleaning – from leak tests and inspections using sewer cameras to repairs and renovations, both for pipe networks in buildings and sewers.


Another service area is the emptying and cleaning of separation systems, sand traps, rainwater siphon pits and waste water treatment plants, including the prescribed transport of the partially such hazardous waste and environmentally friendly disposal.

Dangerous goods

As a strong partner of the fire brigade and authorities, we support in emergencies and special operations: Ge Vehicle accidents on the street, in trade and industry as well as demolition work by decontamination workers Building parts and production facilities.

  • Die Fa. Fink in Taufkirchen verfügt über einen Fuhrpark vom kleinsten bis zum größten Fahrzeug - genau für den richtigen Einsatzzweck

Our strength: a high-tech fleet and highly qualified specialist staff

Versatile fleet of vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment

Our vehicle fleet contains modern vacuum cleaning vehicles of various sizes, also for use in underground garages. This includes a special vehicle with water recovery and several small rinsing vehicles and pipe cleaning vehicles Witnesses and a box wagion. The equipment includes sewer camera systems with satellite connections.

Lean administration and long-standing employees

We are proud of the fact that in our workforce of around 25 employees there are many experienced specialists, some belonging to the company for decades. Our team of well-trained experts with specialist qualifications in a wide variety of areas is now and again added to with specialists such as professional divers.

We work every day to protect our environment

Preserve drinking water, protect people and nature from environmental pollution and health hazards.

The protection of our drinking water is important to us

As a certified waste disposal company, we are an important player in active environmental protection:

  • Protection of soil and ground water from contamination
  • Safe transport of all types of hazardous waste – liquid and solid
  • Environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of chemical and biological pollutants
  • Support of emergency services in hazardous goods accidents