Runs like clockwork – full service for separator systems of all kinds.

To ensure that your systems are always in good working order and comply with all regulations.

Saug-Spülwagen mit Zertifizierung der Fa. Fink Taufkirchen

As a certified waste management company, we not only have the latest technology, but also a team of experienced specialists for your separation systems:

  • For all industries
    Car workshops, petrol stations, car washes, catering establishments, trade and industry
  • For all separation systems
    Light liquid separator LFA (petrol separator, oil separator, grease separator) and coalescence separator
  • All-round carefree service
    Regular cleaning including disposal, maintenance and repair in the event of damage, statutory general inspection

Order acceptance

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Telefax: +4989-666 373-44
+49 171 – 7 333 006

What can we do for your separator systems?

Emptying and cleaning of separators

Fink has the latest suction and flushing vehicles and experienced staff to safely empty and reliably clean your separator system. On request, we can also carry out a visual inspection of the system and pipes or clean the pipe network when cleaning the separator. We will be happy to create an operating log for your petrol separator, oil separator or grease separator and record all maintenance measures in it.

Environmentally sound disposal of solids and liquids

As a certified disposal company, we guarantee environmentally sound disposal using the electronic accompanying evidence procedure and taking into account all official requirements. Very important: Fink GmbH also has all the necessary transport permits. The separator contents are properly treated and recycled by us. Residues and sludge are disposed of in accordance with regulations. As proof of this, you will receive a receipt from us confirming this.

Expert advice

Light liquid separators must be cleaned when the storage capacity has reached 80 percent or when the sludge trap is half full. Our expert staff will be happy to advise you on the appropriate, needs-based cleaning intervals for your situation, which will ensure trouble-free operation and fulfil all requirements as cost-effectively as possible.

General inspection

We will be happy to carry out the general inspection for you, which must be carried out by a specialist at least every five years for every separator system. The separator is completely emptied and cleaned. Afterwards, our employee checks the proper condition, the tightness of the system as well as the actual operation and prepares a test report, as required by DIN 1999-100. If you wish, we can also take care of submitting the test report to the locally responsible office or the Lower Water authority.

Repair and remediation

If we discover damage to your separation system during cleaning and emptying or in the course of a general inspection, we will provide you with an informative report. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation for the possible repair options and assist you with tips and recommendations. We can often renovate old and defective separators with special coating systems at comparatively low cost.

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