Hazardous goods operations by fire brigades, THW and authorities.

In emergencies, we are on call with special equipment and knowledgeable experts.

We support fire brigades, THW, district offices and water management offices in hazardous materials operations with special vehicles and experienced specialist personnel.

  • Salvage, transport and disposal of hazardous substances
    Pumping liquids into special tankers,
    Packing solids into suitable containers and drums
  • Working in special protective clothing
    Specialised personnel with filter masks and protective suits, with compressed air breathing apparatus,
    with chemical protection suits as well as professional divers with diving equipment
  • Special work
    e.g. dismantling and disassembly of tanks, pipelines and completecomplete electroplating plants
    in special, legally approved drums and containers

Order acceptance

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We are your reliable specialist disposal company for hazardous waste

Support for emergency services

In cooperation with fire brigades, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), district offices and water management offices as well as other authorities, we are also available with our special vehicles and our know-how for hazardous materials operations and emergencies. We pick up liquid hazardous materials in suction tankers and fill solids into suitable containers. Our trained personnel wear the necessary protective clothing, including chemical protection suits with long-lasting compressed air breathing apparatus. As soon as the danger has been averted, we take care of the professional disposal of the hazardous materials.

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Hazardous materials work for industry

We support you in the dismantling or removal of electroplating tanks, vessels and pipelines. Following an object-related quotation, the relevant work is carried out and documented in compliance with accident prevention regulations. Specially trained personnel wear respirators, compressed air breathing apparatus or complete chemical protection suits for this purpose. The various wastes are analysed, declared and professionally filled into the approved transport containers for road transport. Transport and disposal can be carried out using collective disposal certificates issued by Fink GmbH.

ADR certification

Our modern fleet of vehicles also has special vehicles that are ADR certified and can and are permitted to transport hazardous materials of the various hazardous materials classes.

The Fink company is authorised by the relevant bodies for the transport of hazardous goods and all official safety permits have been obtained.

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We also work with professional divers

For special cleaning work on water bodies, lakes, basins, culverts, intake structures, etc., we work with professional divers. Using special injection techniques with water or compressed air, we can extract bottom sludge even without draining the water. If necessary, the extracted residues are emptied via settling basins and transported away for recycling or disposal as specified. Your advantage: There are no draining and filling times and thus a significant time saving for repairs or maintenance work. If required, we can prepare detailed documentation

Dangerous goods operations with the fire brigade are sometimes borderline experiences

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Bergung von Chemikalien nach einem Tankwagen-Unfall mit einem Saugwagen der Robert Fink GmbH in Zusammenarbeit mit der Feuerwehr. Gemeinsame Besprechung nach einem Quecksilber Unfall am Gymnasium Haar mit dem Bürgermeister, Schuldirektor und Einsatzleiter der Robert Fink GmbH.

Transport of hazardous waste and
dangerous goods: Play it safe with Fink!