Drainpipe or sewer clogged? Call our 24-hour emergency hotline!

We unclog, remove obstacles, clean and prevent problems

Hochdruckspülwagen für Fettabscheider Reinigung

We have a large fleet of vehicles and a versatile, highly specialized machine park, with which we master all tasks in a material-friendly, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner:

  • All pipe diameters
    Sewage pipes, sewers, manholes and rainwater pipes
  • All pipe types and common materials
    Connection, fall, transverse and basic lines
  • Regular customers and new customers
    Private, commercial, special-purpose associations and municipalities

Order acceptance

Telephone: +49 89-666 373-0
Telefax: +49 89-666 373-44
Email: info@fink-gmbh.de
+49 171 – 7 333 006

There is no clogging problem that we have not already solved.

We remove blockages quickly and reliably

Where is the blockage problem area? Toilet, kitchen, machine drain, sewer connection, waste water collector or rainwater pipe? Which pipe is affected – connecting pipe, downpipe, delay pipe or mains? If you call us for help, we will come with competent employees and the most modern technology to deal with your damage quickly and inexpensively to fix. We get to the bottom of the problem, explain possible solutions to you and then carry out the work conscientiously and with great care. Safe, clean, fast.

Be honest: When was the last drain cleaning?

Pipe and sewer cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of sewer systems. As constant deposits in the sewer systems settle on the inner walls and reduce the flow the diameter of the pipeline over time until it is completely closed. We therefore recommend that you regularly carry out a precautionary pipe cleaning to avoid such problems arising in the first place. The deposits will be removed, the duct is kept functional and possible gas or odours will be prevented. The professional duct cleaning is a basic requirement before any leak test, camera duct un¬ investigation and sanitation measures.

We always have the right solution

By using our electromechanical motor spirals and root milling machines from 8 mm to 32 mm in size and various attachments – such as drills, chain throwers, grippers and four-blades – we can mill the water pipes, spin them out and remove the blockage.

Cleaning with a high-pressure flushing vehicle

In addition, the optimal cleaning of the waste water pipes can be carried out using high-pressure flushing machines. Depending on the dimensions and length of the sewage lines, various nozzles with differing pressure and water volumes are used. The high-pressure flushing machines are all equipped with cable and radio remote control and are also suitable for use all year round with winter heating. With this equipment, all work can be done more effectively and in less time. So that the extracted dirty water can be treated and reused, we install a modern sewer rinsing vehicle with water return system.

Emergency service for Taufkirchen (Munich district) and the surrounding area

For our customers in Taufkirchen (in the district of Munich) and in the communities within a radius of 150 kilometers, we always want to offer the best possible service. These are, for example, the municipalities of Oberhaching, Unterhaching, Neubiberg, Putzbrunn, Ottobrunn and Holzkirchen. We have set up an emergency service that is at your service around the clock if you have problems with pipe and sewer blockages – at a fair price-performance ratio and without charging unnecessary services. This is something which existing customers particularly appreciate about our company.

24h-Emergency Service: + 49 (0)171 – 7 333 006

So don’t hesitate to contact us. Let our knowledgeable staff advise you personally on the technical options. We are your strong partner for clearing blocked pipes and sewers of contamination as quickly as possible!

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