Camera inspection of pipelines and sewers

Insights into the „underworld“ of your property, which is actually hidden from the human eye.

We offer camera inspections not only in the public sewer network and in the house connection pipes, but also in the building in the lower diameter drainage pipes.

  • Waste water pipes from DN 40 (40 mm diameter) e.g. from bathtubs, washbasins and kitchens.
  • Sewage pipes from DN 70 to DN 250 and larger, e.g. connection, downpipes, delay pipes and
  • Basic pipelines
  • Rainwater pipes
  • culvert pipes (pressurised drainage pipes)

Order acceptance

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Get assurance about the condition of your pipe network

You will be amazed at what can be seen in the camera image.

In many cases, a camera inspection is the only way to detect small, barely visible damage to the sewage pipe. Cracks, socket misalignments, concrete deposits and root ingrowth are just some of the problems that can be discovered during a TV inspection. First we clean the sewers using the high-pressure flushing method, then the camera inspection of the pipes is carried out in accordance with the required standards (ISYBAU 96, 2001, 2006, DIN EN 13508-2 in conjunction with DWA 149-2). All common software programmes (such as isy-Bau, KIS, IBAK, Prokis) are supported during the sewer inspection.

Thanks to photos and videos, you are no longer liable.

Our comprehensively trained and experienced „cameramen“ are very experienced in handling the various camera technologies. Any damage is therefore determined beyond doubt, precisely measured and documented. Damage is documented according to ISYBAU or ATV via digital video recordings, photographs and in written protocols. After completion of the camera inspection, you will receive all inspection reports and recordings on request, both in paper form and digitally on storage media. With this evidence, you can legally prove that you are properly fulfilling your legal obligations – and effectively counter the risks of personal liability.

When does a control inspection make sense for you?

Property owners are basically responsible for the proper condition of their sewage pipes up to the connection to the public sewer / property line. Even if everything seems to be working for the residents of the house, this does not mean that everything is actually in order in the pipe network. As a general rule, the sooner damage is discovered, the less costly the repair. In many cases, this makes regular camera sewer inspections the most economical solution. Let us advise you on which inspection intervals make sense for your situation on site.

High-tech cameras with fascinating capabilities

With our small „arsenal“ of different types of pipe cameras, we have the perfect tool for all tasks in order to examine your entire drainage network:

  • Sliding camera carriages that can be pushed in manually with fine adjustment.
  • Electric camera carriages, which move forward in the pipe and are controlled by a

– Miniature colour camera from DN 40

– TV sliding camera mobile from DN 100 – DN 250

– TV satellite camera from DN 100

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